MSPP Refresher Course 2023

MSPP is thrilled to showcase the resounding success of the MSPP Refresher Course 2023, a pivotal event held on the 18th of December 2023, hosted at the esteemed Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia.

Picture 1 and 2: Poster for the event


Gathering 33 distinguished lecturers from various esteemed public and private universities across Malaysia, this event provided a dynamic platform for the exchange of profound insights and expertise in pharmacology and physiology teachings. The collaborative atmosphere fostered rich discussions and furthered the collective knowledge in these vital scientific domains.

Picture 2: Speakers and attendees to the event

Our heartfelt appreciation extends to the esteemed speakers whose invaluable contributions significantly enriched the event:

  • AP. Dr. Roslina Abdul Rahim - Refresher Physiology

  • Prof. Dr. Igor Nikolayevich Iezhitsa - Refresher Pharmacology

  • Prof. Dr. Gan Siew Hua - Tips on Advancing Career


Their impactful presentations left an indelible mark, inspiring attendees and reigniting a fervor for academic pursuits and professional growth.


We eagerly anticipate the prospect of reconvening at the MSPP Refresher Course 2024, where we aim to continue fostering growth, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in pharmacology and physiology teachings.


Prepared by,

AP. Ts. Dr. Azlini Binti Ismail

Chairman, MSPP Refresher Course 2023